Class of 2013 Senior Wills

  • Use size 9 Times New Roman, justified, single-spaced. 
  • Your name should be all caps and bold. Ex: JEFFREY BURMEISTER 
  • All names to whom you are leaving things should be all caps with a colon ( : ) after each name. Ex: ERIC SWIHART. WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR WILL 
  • You can submit your will to Mr. Strobel via e-mail at with the following subject line: LAST NAME, FIRST NAME – WILL. Leave the message blank and attach the Word Document to the e-mail. HOW TO TYPE SENIOR WILLS
  • If a will contains inappropriate material, it will not be printed and no refunds will be given. No exceptions. 
  • The newspaper will not fix punctuation or spelling. It will go in exactly as you turn it in. 
  • All wills must be typed and saved properly. If your will is not formatted and saved properly, it will not go in the newspaper. You will be forced to retype and reformat your will until it is correct. If this is not done before the deadline, you are out of luck. 
  • You have 350 words. No merging words together, and we will stop at 350. If you run over the limit, your will is going to be cut off abruptly. 

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