Weekend at WO-5.21-5.23

Seniors may e-mail their wills to Mr. Strobel over the weekend and pay their $3 next week. The more wills the more fun for all readers.

For all you dancers out there who go to teen nights at S Nightclub, they are asking for your help in fighting for a good cause. They want you to put those dancing feet to good use by joining their team in "Taking Steps" to cure Cystic Fibrosis. On Saturday, May 22nd, S Nightclub will be hosting the "Great Strides" Walkathon. Join your friends and family for an after party right there at the club. The party will feature live music by Eddy and the Breakers and it is a family event. For more information, go to or just sign up at the club at 2 pm. That's this Saturday at 2 pm at the S Nightclub - Be there!

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