WOSO @ Nationals

WOSO Placed in the top ten in 8 of 24 events this weekend at the National S.O. Tournament hosted by the University of Illinois. In the end WO placed 17th out of the top 60 teams from around the country. This puts WO in the top 20 of all Science Olympiad teams in the country for the 4th time in 7 years.

10th place was earned in Physics Lab by Matt Harder and Nick Gezon.
10th place was also went to Ben Shryock, Kristi Wu and Christy Ky for Picture This.
9th place was earned by Greg Kolean for the trial event, Helicopter.
Another 9th was earned in It’s About Time by Josh Visscher and Matt Harder.
Medals were give to the 6th place finish in Mousetrap vehicle, which was built and driven by Greg Schramm with help from Jordan Vanderham.
4th place medals went to Alyssa Shepherd and Matt Harder for Write it Do it.
Jordan Vanderham, Reid Pinkham and Taylor Pratt also earned 4th for their Mission Possible device.
Silver medals were won by Taylor Pratt and Greg Schramm in Technical Problem Solving.

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